Annual Practising Certificates

If you’re not already registered with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand, click here.
Applying for your 2017 – 18 APC
To apply download the form below
2017 -18 Practising Certificate application forms (PDF)
2017 -18 Guidance notes on applying for a practising certificate (PDF)
Complete the application and post to us at PO Box 10563, Wellington, 6143 with the relevant fee.
Important points

  • It is your professional responsibility, not your employers', or that of members of your staff, to renew your practising certificate
  • An application for an APC is not complete until the completed form (either online or hardcopy), and payment has been received. If you are paying by direct credit, or your employer is paying, please read the Payment Section of the Guidance Notes, as there are specific instructions for how payment must be made. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the fee is paid
  • If you apply for a practising certificate after your current certificate expires on 31 March 2017 you must wait until a new practising certificate has been issued before you can practise
  • Tax receipts will be emailed to you within 5 days of payment. Provided there are no issues requiring follow-up, Annual Practising Certificates will be emailed within 5 days of the receipt of the completed application. If we don't hold an email address for you we will post you a hardcopy. Please don't lose this as we charge a fee to issue a replacement
  • If you are not intending to practise in 2017/18 please select one of the non-practising options on the renewal form and submit to us, with payment where required.

Implications of Practising without an APC
As well as being illegal, practising without an APC can have very significant implications. For information about the possible consequences of practising illegally refer to the Guidance Notes.
If you have any questions when completing your application please contact us at: or phone 04 473 9600.
Definition of Practising
'Practice' is described as any aspect of veterinary endeavour. The practice of veterinary science is described as:

  • signing any certificate
  • prescribing
  • treating
  • reporting or giving advice in a veterinary capacity using the knowledge, skills and competence initially attained for the BVSc degree. 'Practice' goes wider in this context than clinical veterinary science to include regulatory and compliance functions, teaching, consultancy, advice and health and welfare management

A key question to ask when considering whether a current practising certificate is required, is: Does the position held by the person carry or convey the expectation that the holder is a veterinarian?
Definition of Non-Practising
A veterinarian who is registered as non-practising is bound by all the statutory and ethical obligations of the Veterinarians Act 2005 but is not entitled to practise as a veterinarian and therefore is not entitled to treat, prescribe prescription animal remedies or give advice in a veterinary capacity. The non-practising category is intended to allow a veterinarian who is retired, overseas, taking time out, or working in areas where registration is not required, to retain their name on the register, and to remain in touch with the profession by receiving publications and communications from the Council.
Recency of Practice
Council must be satisfied that veterinarians meet the practising requirements of the Act. These include recency of practice requirements.
Veterinarians are therefore required to seek Council approval in circumstances where they:

  • are seeking to resume veterinary practice after a break of three or more years; or
  • are seeking to commence practice in New Zealand and they have not practised within one year of graduation, or within one year of passing an approved registration examination or assessment programme; or
  • they are seeking to commence work in a field of veterinary activity they have never practised in or have not practised in for three years or more

If any of these apply to you please provide full details of your practising intentions, work history and CPC activities. A detailed CV format is recommended.
Refer to the Policy on Recency of Practice for further information and feel free to contact Council staff for advice.