Notifications Review Group (NRG)
Under delegated authority from Council the NRG:

  • considers issues raised about a veterinarian's conduct, performance or health
  • where indicated makes appropriate referrals to the Council or its Health Committee
  • where indicated makes inquiries and refers matters to a Complaints Assessment Committee under Section 39 of the Veterinarians Act 2005

Current membership of the Committee:

  • Stuart Burrough (Chair and external veterinarian member)
  • Emma Cuttance (external veterinarian member)
  • Craig Hunger (external veterinarian member)
  • Helen Ridley (external laymember)

Complaints Assessment Committee
The Complaints Assessment Committee investigates complaints against veterinarians. It considers what action to take or recommend that the Council takes following an investigation. These actions can be taking no further action, providing advice to the veterinarian and/or complainant, recommending medical or competence assessment for the veterinarian, facilitating mediation between the parties or laying charges of professional misconduct against a veterinarian.
There are three standing Complaints Assessment Committees.

  • Mark Simpson (chairperson and veterinarian)
  • Warwick Baldwin (veterinarian)
  • Susan D'Ath (laymember)


  • Philip Watson (chairperson and veterinarian)
  • Neil Houston (veterinarian)
  • Sue Beggs (laymember)


  • Currently vacant
  • Stephen Hopkinson (veterinarian)
  • Ruth Renner (laymember)

If members of the three standing Committees declare a conflict of interest or are unavailable to sit on the Committee other members, from a panel the Council maintains, may be appointed or a new Committee established.
See also concerns about your vet and notifications and complaints information for vets
Judicial Committee
A Judicial Committee is formed to hear any charge of professional misconduct against a veterinarian.
A Judicial Committee consists of three to five members, including a experienced solicitor/barrister of the High Court, a layperson, a member of the Council and a veterinarian with relevant experience (i.e. relevant to the animal/species/area of the complaint). A Judicial Committee is appointed for each hearing. See also information on the judicial process.
Professional Standards Committee
The Professional Standards Committee makes recommendations to Council on issues such as the maintenance and development of professional standards, continuing professional development (CPD) requirements and changes to the Code of Professional Conduct.
The members of the Professional Standards Committee are:

  • Rachel Gebbie
  • Nick Twyford (Council Member)
  • Lindsay Burton (Council member)
  • Katie Grant (NZVA)
  • Andrew Hoggard (laymember)
  • Helen Beattie (NZVA)
  • Bernice Mangnall (external veterinarian)
  • Tony Zohrab (MPI)

Finance and Risk Committee
Council’s fiduciary role is to approve the business plan and budget, monitor organisational and financial performance, ensure sound financial management practices are in place, monitor risks and protect the Council’s assets. The Council’s Finance and Risk Committee assists the Council in discharging these responsibilities with respect to overseeing all aspects of financial management and reporting, control and audit functions and monitoring and reporting on risks.

  • Ben Davidson (Chair and Council member)
  • Nick Twyford (Council Chair – ex officio)
  • Richard Wild (external veterinarian member)