News and Issues

  • Veterinary Council Annual Report 2016-2017
    2 May 2018
    The Annual Report for 2016-2017 has been released.
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  • New animal welfare regulations
    29 March 2018
    New animal welfare regulations have been released today. These relate to:
      • stock transport
      • farm husbandry
      • companion and working animals
      • pigs and layer hens
      • crustaceans
      • rodeos
      • surgical or painful procedures
      • inspection of traps.
    Most of these new regulations come into force in October 2018. Details are on the MPI website.
  • Veterinary Council Update
    March 2018
    Have you renewed your APC?; Code update; US study on the veterinary profession
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  • Veterinary Council Update
    February 2018
    APC renewal; RHDV1-K5 information; Authorising the use and purchase of RVMs; Vetscript
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  • Veterinary Council Update
    January 2018
    Happy new year; Minimum practising standards; Judicial committee hearing; Registration timeframes; AMR; Privacy issues; Fair trading; Advertising
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  • Veterinary Council Update
    December 2017
    2018 APC renewal; Ministry of Health consultation
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  • Proposed changes to the Veterinary Medicines section of the Code
    25 September 2017
    We're proposing a number of significant changes and we want to hear what you think.
    Key areas we've updated include:
    • a requirement to ensure an inventory of veterinary medicines is maintained
    • a new section on antibiotics which includes a proposed ban on advertising antibiotics
    • authorisation for future supply — shortening the period for authorisations for restricted veterinary medicines and critically important antibiotics
    • the idea of a 'review consultation'
    • revised explanatory notes on veterinary operating instructions
    • a new section on documentation
    • a requirement for a hard copy Controlled Drugs register with a minimum of monthly reconciliations
    • a new section on multi-modal use.
    Please read the document and send your feedback to Wayne Ricketts by 15 October.
  • Code of Professional Conduct - Client Relationships
    21 December 2016
    The client relationships section of the Code has been updated. Click here to review the updated version.