Public Information

The Veterinary Council protects the public interest by ensuring that veterinarians are fit and competent to practice. We have a number of statutory mechanisms available to achieve this purpose including:

  • setting and implementing minimum standards for veterinary practice
  • promoting high standards of veterinary education and conduct
  • reviewing and acting, where necessary, in circumstances where concerns about a veterinarian’s performance, professional conduct or health have been raised
  • registering veterinarians
  • recognising as appropriate qualifications for registration by accrediting or approving the institutions which offer them
  • recertifying veterinarians through the issue of practising certificates
  • advising and making recommendations to the Minister and Massey University on relevant veterinary issues.

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The Role of the Veterinary Council
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Find a veterinarian
To find a particular veterinarian in your area or in another area, use the online register.
Questions and Concerns about Veterinarians and their services
Click here for information on what you can expect from your veterinarian and what to do if unhappy with the services provided.
Finding a veterinary clinic
Use the online practice register to find a clinic in your area. Clinics are also listed in the yellow pages under 'veterinarians' or you could look at the online yellow pages.
Finding specialist veterinary advice
Refer to the List of veterinary specialists
Complaints Investigation Outcomes
To view the outcomes from investigations of a selection of complaint cases, please visit the CAC Outcomes page.