Competency standards

One of our functions is to set standards of competence for the veterinary profession in New Zealand. All practising veterinarians must meet these standards. Our document, Competency Standards and Performance Indicators for Veterinarians, sets out the competencies that we expect veterinarians to meet.

Download the Competency Standards

Maintaining competence

Veterinarians must keep themselves competent throughout their working lives. One element of this is taking part in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). More information on our CPD requirements can be found on our CPD page.

We have also set requirements for veterinarians who want to practise in a new area or in an area they haven't worked in for 3 or more years. Our Policy on Recency of Practice provides more information about this.

Download the Policy on Recency of Practice

Assessing competence

When the concerns are raised about a veterinarian's competence, we may decide that we need to investigate the concerns. This can be done through a Preliminary Competence Inquiry or a Competence Assessment. The process is not about investigating complaints or disciplining the veterinarian. It is designed to be evaluative, educational and, where needed, rehabilitative. We make the process as supportive as possible and consult with the veterinarian on how it will work. More information can be found in our Policy on Competence and Competence Assessment.

Download the Policy on Competence and Competence Assessment