Employers of Veterinarians

All people working as veterinarians in New Zealand must by law (Veterinarians Act 2005) be registered with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.
Employers of veterinarians should check prior to employing a veterinarian that he or she is fully registered with the Veterinary Council and that he or she has a current practising certificate. To do this, you can check the Register of Veterinarians .
Alternatively you can contact the Council office.
Recruiting from Overseas
If you are recruiting veterinarians from overseas, check the registration information  on this website for information about the registration criteria for overseas trained veterinarians. If you have queries about whether a veterinarian's qualifications are recognised or registerable then please contact the Council office.
Details of employers of Veterinarians
We maintain a list of veterinary practices and other organisations that employ veterinarians on this website, available for public access. It is in your interest, if you are a potential employer of a veterinarian, to ensure that your contact information shown in this list is correct. Please take time to examine your entry in the Practice and Organisations list  to ensure that the information is up-to-date.
If any corrections are required, please contact the Council office details shown above.