Minimum Practising Standards

Council's minimum practising standards set out the minimum performance and conduct standards vets are expected to meet.
Council has minimum practising standards in relation to:

As part of your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) application, you need to declare that you're aware of and comply with the minimum practising standards set out in the Code of Professional Conduct.
To help with this annual declaration, we’ve developed checklists for the key minimum practising standards.

Minimum practising standards checklists
During the APC renewal round you'll be asked to confirm that you're complying with the standards around veterinary medicines by completing these checklists.
Save your completed checklists with your CPD records. You don't need to send them to us unless you're selected for a CPD audit.
We recommend you complete the checklists well in advance of the APC renewal process, so you have time to identify and address any issues.

What happens if I can't comply with the standards set out in the checklists?
If you can't meet the required standard, you'll still be able to get a practising certificate (unless there is evidence of wilful non-compliance).
If you can't comply, you should raise this with your employer in the first instance. If you still can't comply, get in touch with us – we'll work with you and your employer to help you meet the required standards.