COVID-19 advice: staff working in multiple clinics during Level 3 lockdown

11 October 2021

Technical advice is our interpretation of how professional standards apply in a particular situation. It is designed to help veterinarians deal with common issues in practice, using their professional judgement to apply the advice to their own situation. It represents our best efforts at the time of publication but standards and expectations change over time and particular care should be used when reading old advice.

What are the expectations with regard to veterinarians (generally locums) working at multiple clinics in our region while it’s in lockdown?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a black and white rule. We recognise that it is going to be a practical necessity for some vets to work at several clinics and that it may not be possible to keep small, well-defined “work bubbles” in those circumstances. This is okay and we don’t have a problem with vets working at multiple clinics. 

We ask that practices and vets do what they can in those circumstances to limit the risk of spread of COVID-19. This could include taking appropriate measures in clinic (encouraging vaccination, distancing, masks, scanning and contact tracing register use, etc) as well as the clinics involved recognising that they may now be part of a larger bubble and doing what they can to stop it expanding further (e.g. trying to avoid contact between staff who are working at multiple other clinics, etc).

You can read more about the rules for businesses on the Government COVID-19  website and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.