Application for registration fees
For New Zealand qualified applicants 361.00
For applicants applying under the TTMR Act 361.00
For overseas applicants holding prescribed qualifications or a pass in a prescribed examination or assessment programme 477.00
For applicants with non prescribed qualifications applying for registration in a limited scope of practice under section 14 of the Act 898.00
For applicants with non prescribed qualifications who have passed the Preliminary Registration Examination and are applying for registration in the time limited scope for National Veterinary Examination candidates 477.00
For applicants for specialist registration 361.00
Practising Certificate Fee (*)  
Annual practising certificate application fee:
- Full year
- Full year with early payment rebate (until 28 February)
- July – September
- October – December
- January - March
Veterinary Registration Examination fees
Supplementary NZVNE examination (per attempt, per supplementary examination) 585.00
Other Fees
Annual Register maintenance fee for non practising veterinarians 18.00
Supply of registration certificates (or copies) or letters of good standing or any other certificate or letter signed by the Registrar 52.00
Payment must be in New Zealand dollars.



(*) Annual Practising Certificate Fee
A quarterly prorata and refund annual practising certificate (APC) fee policy is in place.
Fees are based on cost recovery. As such:
- part time practitioners are charged the same APC fee as full time practitioners given the costs to the Council remain the same regardless of whether or not the veterinarian is working in a full or part-time capacity
- those who commence or cease practise during the year are charged a reduced APC fee given the shorter registration period and consequent reduced costs to Council
- a fee of $56 is charged to cover the additional staff time involved in administering pro rata APC fees or refunds
Pro rata APC fee for those registering during the year
See fees above. The fee charged is apportioned on a quarterly basis and includes an administrative fee of $56.
Reduced fees for those ceasing practice during the practising year
It is not feasible to implement a prospective pro rata APC fee for those proposing to cease practise part way through a practising year.
Rather such applicants are required to pay the full fee up front, and then seek a refund within 4 weeks of ceasing practice.
The onus will be on veterinarians to apply for a refund.
The amount refunded will be calculated on a quarterly basis and will include an administrative fee of $56.
Those ceasing practice between January and March, the last quarter of the practising year, are not eligible for a refund. For those ceasing practice before this time the refund will be as follows:
April – June $378.25
July – September $233.50
October – December $88.75