Innovation in the veterinary sector

We recognise that innovation, including new products and services, in the veterinary and animal health markets is inevitable and that it has the potential to bring real benefits for animals, the public and the veterinary professions. We want to encourage innovation that can bring these benefits and help innovators to navigate our rules and preserve high standards for animal health and welfare and public protection.

If you are looking at a new initiative in this space, particularly one that will impact veterinarians, please contact us so we can consider what advice and guidance we can provide.

Remote veterinary care (telehealth and telemedicine)

There is increasing interest in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas in the use of technology to provide and enhance animal health and veterinary services (including doing so remotely). We see the potential for real benefits from this for the public and their animals and encourage those considering this space to talk to us about it so we can provide guidance on the regulatory framework.

A good starting point for research is our Guidance on remote Veterinary Care (Telehealth and Telemedicine).