Our Role

Ko te pae tawhiti whāia kia tata, ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tīna

Seek out distant horizons and cherish those you attain

The Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ) is the statutory body responsible upholding veterinary standards to protect people and animals, and to maintain trust in veterinary professionals.

Our vision is for Aotearoa to have the world’s most trusted veterinary profession.

We protect the public interest by ensuring vets are competent to practise. We do this through setting, promoting and upholding high standards; having timely and transparent processes; being fair, consistent and compassionate; and fostering important relationships with veterinarians, the public and the wider veterinary services industry.

Our highest priority is the wellbeing of everyone we work with and for. VCNZ aims to ensure New Zealand veterinarians are able to care for themselves, so that they can deliver the highest standards of veterinary practice.

VCNZ understands how important it is for animal owners to feel confident that wherever they seek care, they can trust their vet is working to a high standard. To work as a vet in Aotearoa New Zealand, all practising vets need to be registered with VCNZ. They must also have a current Annual Practicing Certificate.

We also provide advice and recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture and Massey University about veterinarians and veterinary education and science.

The organisation diligently protects the reputation of the profession and works to maintain the high level of trust New Zealanders have in their vets.