What you can expect from your vet

VCNZ is responsible for making sure professional standards are maintained. All vets work to the standards that we set, including the Code of Professional Conduct.
You can expect your vet to:

  • thoroughly examine your animal and provide a likely diagnosis
  • give you treatment options and make sure you know about any significant potential complications
  • make sure you are fully informed (ask questions if you need to)
  • obtain your consent for treatment
  • involve you in deciding on treatment
  • discuss likely outcomes
  • give an estimate of cost (this may vary as treatment progresses)
  • offer referral if necessary
  • provide appropriate care if your animal is staying in a clinic overnight, and tell you what this is (ie whether staff will be onsite overnight)
  • tell you about the after hours service available.

You always have the right to seek a second opinion from another vet.
If you have concerns that your vet hasn't met these expectations, you can contact us for advice.

A note about after hours services

Your vet may provide after hours services themselves, share this with other local vets, or have an arrangement with an after hours clinic. Dedicated after hours clinics have the advantage of onsite staff and overnight monitoring. The after hours service may take longer to travel to and cost more than in the daytime.