Health and wellbeing

We want to see veterinarians practising at their best.

To support you to thrive in practice and protect your health and wellbeing, we have gathered the following resources and information for you. If you know of other resources that would be good to share, please contact us, so that we can add them too.

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Supporting Mental Health
When to talk to us about your health
Protecting and promoting mental health
Where to get help for yourself
Supporting others

Supporting mental health

We believe that the best way to support and improve mental health in the veterinary professions is through collaboration and a shared purpose. To support this, we have published The Veterinary Teams Mental Health Framework, which is designed to lay the groundwork for a collaborative, whole-of-profession initiative to improve veterinary team wellbeing. 

Download the Framework

The Framework now forms the basis for the Wellbeing Workstream of Vet Futures Aotearoa, which we are a proud contributor to.

When to talk to us about your health

If you are struggling, or need support, you can always contact VCNZ and we’ll do what we can to help or at least point you in the right direction.

If things get to a point where your health, or a colleague’s health, may be affecting your practice as a vet, we may need to get involved and you should contact us to discuss what to do. Our approach is rehabilitative, we’re not here to punish people for being unwell, and we always try to work with veterinarians to help them practise safely. If you’re unsure or worried, you can contact us for an informal, confidential discussion.

Protecting and promoting mental health

VCNZ resources

  • Mentorloop is a platform that connects you with a mentor.
  • Vitae: free confidential counselling for all veterinarians (call 0508 664 981 anytime).
  • Our Mindfulness web app has a collection of resources to help with mindfulness and dealing with stress.

Resources and guidance

  • The Mental Health Foundation has a wealth of resources and advice related to mental health and wellbeing
  • All right? has articles and guidance on giving your wellbeing a boost.
  • The NZVA wellbeing hub (members only) offers a large range of wellbeing and mental health resources.
  • is a website run by Dr Kristin Neff, a leader in the study of self-compassion. It has a range of resources to help train and develop self-compassion.

Courses and learning

Apps and platforms

  • The Mindfulness web app has a collection of resources to help with mindfulness and dealing with stress.
  • Mentemia is a digital wellbeing coach in your pocket. It’s currently free for the NZ public.
  • Melon is an online programme (including an online community) that focuses on empowering users to take control of their health.
  • Small Steps is a collection of digital tools to help you progressively improve your wellbeing.

Where to get help for yourself

Supporting others

Information and resources