7 August 2021

Yesterday, the Government announced that all areas outside of Auckland will be moving to alert level 2 from 11:59 tonight. They also confirmed that workers crossing the alert level boundaries around Auckland will be required to carry evidence of having taken a COVID-19 test within the last 7 days.

Level 2 requirements

At the time of writing, the legislation that will govern level 2 requirements has not yet been released. This guidance is based on the advice available from the Ministry of Health and may change once the legislation becomes available.

Government guidance on level 2 can be found here. The key points for veterinary business are:

  • All businesses and services can open and must follow public health rules.
  • Face coverings are encouraged at all times. It doesn’t appear that mask wearing is mandatory for workers or visitors to veterinary clinics but practices may choose to make this a condition of entry for visitors and doing so could help meet health and safety obligations.
  • Workers should keep at least 1 metre apart, where possible.
  • Businesses should display a NZ COVID Tracer QR code in a prominent place by the main entrance and also offer visitors an alternative way to record their visit.

Testing for those travelling across the alert level boundaries

From Friday, workers travelling across the boundaries will be required by the Ministry of Health to have evidence of having taken a COVID-19 case within the last 7 days. More information is available here and you can find testing locations here.

Medsafe guidance on ivermectin and COVID-19

Medsafe has published an alert on Risks of importing or prescribing ivermectin for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. For veterinarians, it is never acceptable to authorise any medication for use in humans and any authorisation or supply of ivermectin for human use, particularly in relation to COVID-19, will be considered a serious breach of professional and ethical standards.