Technical advice: Nurses signing vaccination records

13 October 2021

Technical advice is our interpretation of how professional standards apply in a particular situation. It is designed to help veterinarians deal with common issues in practice, using their professional judgement to apply the advice to their own situation. It represents our best efforts at the time of publication but standards and expectations change over time and particular care should be used when reading old advice.

Are nurses allowed to sign the vaccination certificate and If so do they need a qualification - certificate, diploma, technician??

This guidance does not apply to certificates for export as these are different and would usually require a veterinarian.

Under a veterinary authorisation a veterinary nurse could be authorised to administer a vaccination (see here).

We don’t see any issues with a veterinary nurse signing vaccination booklets as long as they are clear about their position and don’t appear to be a veterinarian. If, for example, the current vaccination booklets imply a veterinary signature, then this would need to be amended when a nurse signs.

Whether animal care facilities such as kennels and catteries will find nurse-signed booklets acceptable is up to them but we see no reason why they should not be okay.

There are specific situations where it may be more appropriate for a veterinarian to sign the booklet, for example, Greyhound Racing requirements or similar.