Mentor story: Amy Avery

Senior production animal veterinarian Amy Avery has found mentoring to be a rewarding experience that has helped her in her own practice.

Amy started working with her mentee in November 2021, after connecting on the Mentorloop platform, and spends about an hour every two to three weeks working with them and providing advice about a variety of topics.

“My mentee was working about twice the number of hours she should have been when we first got in touch, so I have helped her with time management and not overdoing her hours of work,” Amy says. “She knew she needed to cut back but couldn’t see how. Most of the actions she took she suggested herself but just needed someone else to say that it sounded like a good idea. I also suggested a few things I have done myself when I have had the same problem.”

Amy has also worked with her mentee on mental health and wellbeing. “My mentee sometimes needs a little encouragement to keep up the activities that help to look after her mental health, such as regular exercise, meditation, and eating well. She already knows what to do but I can encourage her to keep doing them and see how they have helped her wellbeing.”

Amy, who works in private practice and mainly works with dairy production animals, says that she has always enjoyed working with and supporting younger graduates at work, and would highly recommend mentoring to other professionals who might be thinking of ways that they can give back to the industry.

“I have had a really good career so far and have enjoyed every job I have worked in. I can confidently say I love my job but I am aware that for many others this often isn’t the case. I thought mentoring would be a good way to give something back and try to help someone else get the enjoyment from their work that I have had,” she says.

The experience has also been beneficial to Amy. She says that working with her mentee has helped to improve her listening skills, as during the sessions she makes sure she focuses her full attention on what her mentee is saying. The pair have chosen to have their mentoring sessions in the evening which has helped to minimise distractions.

“It is rewarding to see the relationship building, and satisfying that my mentee also seems to be pleased with how things are going and seeing the improvements she makes for herself,” Amy says.

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