New Zealand Register of Veterinarians

Finding a veterinarian
You can locate a veterinarian by either surname, OR by the region in which the veterinarian works. Please note that searching by both surname and region may not produce the required results, as some veterinarians may be listed under another region, as regions are very specific.

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Important Information
Only those practitioners who are registered and hold a practising certificate are entitled to practise as veterinarians in New Zealand.
The register shows details of:

  • registered practitioners who hold current practising certificates;
  • registered practitioners who have advised the Council they are not currently practising (ie have requested to be listed on the register as non practising status but are not entitled to practise as veterinarians during the practising year ending 31 March) or
  • practitioners whose registration has been removed or suspended and are therefore not entitled to practise
  • any conditions on the veterinarian’s practice

If you cannot locate the veterinarian you are looking for this may mean that their application for registration or a practising certificate is still being processed, or they have changed their address (if you are searching under ‘regions’). However this could also mean that they do not hold a current practising certificate (or non practising status).
If you have concerns, you can contact us.